Britmums Live – it’s all about telling the truth

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly a month since Britmums Live.  I have been enjoying reading all the posts of the different experiences and it is comforting to know that it’s not just beginner bloggers like me who have found it hard to try to turn the hundreds of thoughts it generated into something coherent.

It’s strangely comforting but also sad to read the stories of how people felt lonely, overwhelmed and sometimes let down by their peers. I am generally pretty resilient in that kind of environment, more by virtue of having to than being a natural mingler.  I went to 7 different schools in my first 13 years of education (no I wasn’t expelled from any, just moved around a lot) so I got used to having to start from scratch each time, nudging my way into long established friendship groups and sometimes being accepted but always feeling like a bit of an outsider. It was interesting to read that some of those people who I thought were brimming with confidence where actually wishing they were in their hotel room with a good book and reminded me that appearances can be so deceptive.  I saw a tweet from @Hollybobs saying she had found a corner and would love people to come and say hello.  ‘Wow’ I thought, ‘It would be great to know so many people here that you tweet that’.  Little did I know that she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and would have been happy with even a newbie like myself making the time to go and see her. Strange how I took that so completely the wrong way…

All through the conference and the many fantastic sessions the same message was coming through; be yourself, be true to yourself. Even behind the comfort of a computer screen the audience can spot a fake.  This is an important message for a beginner blogger like myself, just starting out documenting a bit of my life in the hope that it helps to make more sense of it.  I have just left my job and am a bit at sea and though I am hoping to reinvent myself a bit I am hoping that I will be a more honest version of myself, less compromised by what I think I should be.  So along with the practical advice from the many sessions I attended at Britmums and the fantastic freebies from all the different brands I also took home the message that I must be myself.  All I have to do now is work out what that is!



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